Standing Committees

PH Squash has four Standing Committees which are permanent committees of the association. They are the Membership Committee, Judiciary, Nominating and Governance Committee, Finance and Audit Committee, Institutional Advancement Committee, National Team Committee, and Rules, Referee, and Tournament Committee.

  1. Finance & Audit Committee – shall oversee the preparation and review of the annual budget for the Association to be prepared by the President and to be submitted for the forthcoming fiscal year to the Board no later than ten (10) days before its Annual Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Members. The Finance and Audit Committee shall oversee the selection and retention of independent auditors and ensure that audits are undertaken annually, and that such audits are objective and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). The Finance and Audit Committee shall oversee all general budgeting and financial planning as well as recommend to the Board appropriate compensation for the President based on an objective analysis. This Committee may also submit recommendations to the Board concerning any matter relating to the financial affairs of this Association. The Finance and Audit Committee shall also be responsible for such other activities as specified in its Committee Charter.
  1. The Institutional Advancement Committee – shall assist the Association reach fundraising goals through donor identification, relationship building, cultivation, and solicitation as well as serve as a forum for new ideas regarding development campaigns, infrastructure, and contacts. The Institutional Advancement Committee shall support all Association Funds.
  1. The Judiciary, Nominating and Governance Committee (JNGC) – It’s primary mission is to identify, evaluate and recruit the prospective candidates to be independent Directors of PH Squash. The NGC shall also: (a) periodically undertake a performance assessment review of the operations of the Board; (b) consult and review with the Board with regard to appointing members of the Standing Committees and the leadership positions of the Standing Committees; (c) review and make recommendations with regard to any changes or amendments to the By-laws or other Board adopted policies, and (d) certify the results of all PH Squash elections conducted on electronic or internet-enabled platforms. It will use the high standard of fair play and spirit of sportsmanship inherent in the game of squash as a guideline to review and resolve matters, questions, appeals and disputes related to ethics, conflict of interest, grievances and violations of rules, policies and regulations involving PH Squash that are properly brought before it.
  1. Membership Committee – supports membership growth by actively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. Members of the committee identify potential new members, contact lapsed members, and engage current members. Occasionally the membership committee will provide input and feedback regarding membership needs, programs and policies.
  1. National Team Committee – is empowered with all decision-making authority necessary for the formulation, development and implementation of the National Team program. This authority encompasses, but is not restricted to, schedule planning, team and staff selection, participation requirements, discipline, and selection criteria. It is responsible for overseeing competition of the Kayod Pilipinas Squash Team at international meets and for recommending services to the National Elite and Junior squad programs.
  1. Rules, Referee, and Tournament Committee

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